2019 Wedding Photo Gallery Archive

Here are wedding photos from 2019.
A big thank you to the photographers, wedding planners, venue co-ordinators and everyone else I have worked with over the years.
Of course I will never forget the couples, they are indelibly imprinted in my mind and on my heart, to them I say thank-you for lettting me be part of your special day, good luck, safe travels and please look after each other and treasure each other.
Love Sue


Lindsey and John * Main Beach * Dec 2019
Alvin and Emy * Currumbin Valley * Nov 2019

First three photos by Kirk Willcox thank you always Kirk! please read Lindsey's testimonial
Fourth and fifth photos by Leigh Warner Photographer thank you Leigh!, please read Alvin's testimonial

Lindsey and John's wedding ceremony had many laughs and quite a few tears Lindsey and John are now married Lindsey and John showing the many faces of a wedding ceremony Petrai and Jan and Celebrant Sue Petrai and Jan make a commitment to each other

Emma and Dorian * Hastings Point * Nov 2019
Anna and Matthew * Tamborine Mountain * Oct 2019
Palm and Dane * Currumbin * Oct 2019

First two photos by Amy DeBoer Photography thank you Amy! please read Emma's testimonial
Third and fourth photos by Steve McMarson, thank you Steve! please read Anna's testimonial
Fifth and sixth photos by Em7foto thank you Em7foto!, please read Palm's testimonial

Emma and Dorian Emma and Dorian's nuptials presided over by Sue the celebrant Anna and Matthew in style Palm and Dane's wedding ceremony Palm and Dane at Currumbin rocks after their nuptials were complete.

Briana and Darcy * Gaven * Sep 2019
Tanya and Jay * Currumbin * Jul 2019
Kyle and Emma * Nerang * Jun 2019

First two photos by New Black Studios, thank you! please read Brianna's testimonial
Third and fourth photos by Kirk Willcox thank you Kirk!, please read Tanya's testimonial
Fifth and sixth photos by someone thank you..you!, please read Kyle's testimonial

Briana and Darcy be wed Briana and Darcy loving up Tanya and Jay and the ocean pacific. Tanya and Jay get married by Celebrant Sue Emma and Kyle and Sue are in place while the marriage ceremony is underway Emma and Kyle wait while Sue receives the  wedding ring from the best man

Teegan and Nick * Sanctuary Cove * Sep 2019
Jasmin and Cameron * North Burleigh * Sep 2019
Tynielle and Ben * Austinville * Aug 2019

First two photos by Sue's helper, thank you! please read Teegan's testimonial
Third and fourth photos by Jasmin and Cam's friends, thank you! please read Jasmin's testimonial
Fifth and sixth photos by Azad Sellars thank you Azad!, please read Tynielle's testimonial

Teegan and Nick get married at the Glass Chapel at Sanctuary CoveNick and Teegan look handsome and beautiful at their wedding in September 2019 Cam and Sue and Jasmin share some Love and happiness after the wedding ceremony Cameron and Jasmin share a kiss by the ocean and  share their Love for the rest of their lives. What a beautiful place for Tynielle and Ben to tie the knot! Tynielle and Ben getting married by Susan Raward the celebrant known as Sue

Kelly and Matt * Tweed Heads * Sep 2019
Samantha and Taylah * Currumbin * Sep 2019
Anna and Logan * Merrimac * Aug 2019

First two photos by Black Palm Collective , please read Kelly's testimonial
Third and fourth photos by Kate Silcock , please read Samantha's testimonial
Fifth and sixth photos by Terra Bunker , please read Anna's testimonial
Thank you, thank you, thank you to the wedded couples and their photographers Black Palm, Kate and Terra for access to their photos.

Matt and Kelly in Love and now married Matt and Kelly listening to Sue and getting ready to commit everything to each other Taylah and Sammy in a fun moment of intimacy Group shot at Currumbin Rock Taylah and Sammy are now a happily married couple. Logan kisses Anna who is feeling the Love and excitement of the moment Anna and Logan had ordered ring delivery and he was perfectly on time, cute handover moment

Alicia and Alex * Southport * Aug 2019
Inari and James * Tamborine Mountain * Jun 2019
Erin and Ben * Richmond, VIC * Jun 2019

First three photos by Sue's helpers, please read Alex and Alicia's testimonials
Fourth photo not sure yet but will be credited here soon! Please read Inari's testimonial
Fifth and sixth photos not sure yet (again) credit given as soon as I find out. Please read Erin's testimonial

Sue, in her own special way,  encouraging the beautiful Love inspired kiss of Alicia and Alex Alicia, Sue and Alex on their wedding day in August 2019 Alicia, Sue and Alex group hug! Inari and James enjoy the afterglow of their wedding day Erin and Ben get married and Sue and hubby Dave go to Melbourne, exciting! Erin and Ben exchange rings while son Fin

Kellie and Nathan * Currumbin * Apr 2019
Teagan and Phil * Kirra * Apr 2019

First three Photos courtesy of Photography Grace Mac Photography Thanks Grace you were a star that day! Please read Kellie's testimonial
Last four photos courtesy of Winston and Rose Photography Thank you W&R! please read Teagan's testimonial

Nathan and Kellie's wedding ceremony at Currumbin Stoic Sue standing in the rain during Nathan and Kellie's vows Happy couple exit stage right with handy umbrella Teagan, Sue and Phil during the ceremony Phil receives the wedding ring from their ring bearing dog Kali during their marriage ceremony Sue recites the words to make the marriage official and binding Sue pronounces Teagan and Phil married and that they may now be called husband and wife!

Linda and Chris * Mount Tamborine * Apr 2019
Amy and Daniel * Beechmont * May 2019

First two photos courtesy of Linda Pasfield Photography , Thanks Linda! please read Chris's testimonial
Next four photos courtesy of Tegen Walker Photography , Thanks Tegen! please read Daniel's testimonial

Linda, Sue and Chris share some emotional moments Everyone recovers and the marriage ceremony continues anew Beautiful bluegum forest setting for Dan and Amy's wedding at Binna Burra Happy Amy and Dan smile at the wedding guests while Sue checks over the proceedings During the lovely relaxed wedding ceremony to formalise and celebrate the union of Dan and Amy Sue announces that Amy and Dan are now married  wife and husband

Skye and Clay * Hope Island * Apr 2019

Photos courtesy of Kirk Willcox Photography ,Thanks again Kirk! please read Skye's testimonial

Skye and Clay recite happy loving vows Skye and Clay and their two boys Jake and Mitchell Wonderful venue for Clay and Skye's wedding ceremony! Photographer catches Sue having an o oh moment.  Jake and Mitchell saw the humour. Sue with the newly wedded couple  Skye and Clay with their boys Jake and Mitchell who were perfect best men. Clay and Skye enjoying the moment under a beautiful tree.

Nahida and John * Currumbin * Apr 2019

Photos courtesy of Kirk Willcox Photography Thanks very much Kirk! please read Nahida's testimonial

Happy wedding ceremony of Nahida and John on the beach at Currumbin John, Sue and Nahida signed sealed and delivered John and Nahida walk back town the aisle to start married life, Sue celebrates with her hands up in the air It started with a kiss, ocean and sky celebrate with Nahida and John Nahida and John look stunning amidst all of nature's glory The look of Sue's signature laugh takes us back to the nuptials on John and Nahida's joyous occasion

Tess and Peter * Brisbane City * Mar 2019

Photos courtesy of Erin Smith Photography , Thank you Erin! please read Tess's testimonial

Tess and Peter get married by Celebrant Sue Tess and Peter celebrate their Love after their wedding with Brisbane's Storey Bridge in the background. Tess, Peter and Sue pose for the camera after the ceremony is over. Peter and Tess and their beautiful dogs who were part of the ceremony. Tess and Peter's family under the Storey Bridge. Love this over the shoulder glance of Tess while Peter does the smooching.

Pixie and Jesse * Coopers Shoot * Mar 2019

Photos courtesy of Dan Allen (Groom’s brother) Thanks Dan! please read Jesse's testimonial

Pixie the bride arrives and Jesse and Sue get excited! Wedding ceremony of Jesse and Pixie begins Jesse has the look of Love after marrying Pixie Wedding day kiss Jesse, Pixie and Sue celebrate after the wedding ceremony Cheers of happiness!

Nicole and Liz * Currumbin * Feb 2019

Photos courtesy of Kirk Willcox Photography , Thanks Kirk! please read Nicole's testimonial

Liz and Nicole after the ceremony Liz and Nicole on the beach in the sand Wedding ceremony of Liz and Nicole The end of the Wedding Ceremony and start of the marriage! The Brides kissing to celebrate their union Liz crying with joy and emotion after her marriage to Nicole

Skye and Adam * Burleigh Heads * Jan 2019
Felicity and Nick * Surfers Paradise * Mar 2019
Tenisha and Leith * Broadbeach * Jan 2019
Kaira and Taylor * Kingscliff * Feb 2019

First two photo courtesy of Adam and Skye's daughter, please read Adam's testimonial
Third photo courtesy of a wedding guest of Nick and Felicity, please read Felicity's testimonial
Fourth photo courtesy of Natasha Crow Photography Please read Tenisha's testimonial
Final two photos courtesy of Edge Photography , Please read Kaira's testimonial.
Thank you to the photographers for giving me access to their wedding photos, I appreciate it.

Adam and Skye celebrate their renewal of vows Adam and Skye and Sue enjoy the moment celebrate their renewal of vows Felicity and Nick Potter recite their vows Celebrant Sue poses with happy newlyweds Tenisha and Leith Taylor and Kaira during their wedding ceremony Happy couple Taylor and Kaira with their marrigage  celebrant Sue Raward

Beverly and Chato * Currumbin * Feb 2019

Photos courtesy of Kirk Willcox Photography , Thanks again Mr Willcox! please read Chato's testimonial

Beverly and Chato getting married Beverly and Chato getting married Beverly and Chato getting married Beverly smiles over her shoulder during the wedding ceremony Beverly and Chato getting married Beverly and Chato getting married

Chloe and Michael * Currumbin * Feb 2019

Photos courtesy of Kirk Willcox Photography , Brilliant Kirk! please read Chloe's testimonial

Chloe and Michael's wedding photos Chloe and Michael's wedding photos Chloe and Michael's wedding photos Chloe and Michael's wedding photos Chloe and Michael's wedding photos Chloe and Michael's wedding photos

Sharyn and Shaun * Southport * Jan 2019

Photos courtesy of Kirk Willcox Photography , Thank-you KW! please read Sharyn's testimonial

Sharyn and Shaun's wedding Laughs during Sharyn and Shaun's wedding ceremony Sharyn and Shaun's ceremony in progress Sharyn and Sue and Shaun, wedded couple and their celebrant congratulate each other Sharyn and Shaun strolling newlyweds Sharyn and Shaun express their Love with the Broadwater as backdrop

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